The Multifaceted Narrative of Illness – Visual AIDS, New York, 2018 (curated online exhibition)


The Multifaceted Narrative of Illness brings together a selection of artworks that meditate on the continued fight against HIV/AIDS through the lens of female visibility, Blackness and confronting the medical discourse. Artists Robert Blanchon, Frank Green, Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Kia LaBeija, Charles Long, Kissa Millar, Jessica Whitbread and Frederick Weston directly use or reference their body with metaphors across different media—photography, collage, performance and a mixed-media installation. The work is selected for this digital curated gallery for November are from the Artist+ Registry of Visual AIDS, an archive consisting of disparate voices, past and present telling individual narratives of HIV/AIDS across gender, age, race, class, geographies and more.