The Culture Trip (features)


As Culture Writer covering West Africa for The Culture Trip, I wrote the following articles:
The Junkyard Lagos: Nigeria’s Sustainable Artists’ Retreat created by Dilomprizulike', 'For the Love of Nigerian Art: Supporting Arts and Crafts in Lagos in Lekki Art Market', 'Language and Lionheart: Why Nigeria's Oscar Choice Was Disqualified', 'Tracing the Architectural Legacy of Brazil in Porto-Novo, Benin', 'Discovering the Brazilian Quarter in Lagos, Nigeria', 'History Rediscovered: Sungbo’s Eredo, Nigeria’s Lost Yoruba Kingdom', 'The Best Bukas in Lagos, Nigeria and the Legacy of Iya Eba' and 'Monochrome Lagos: A Photographic Study of a Nigerian City by Logo Olamuyiwa'.