Patty Chang: From Xinjiang to the Atlantic Ocean, Ocula Magazine (interview)


Since the 1990s, Patty Chang, an artist and educator based in Los Angeles, has drawn on the parallels between her body's internal workings and the environmental landscape through writing, sculpture, video, installations, and performance art. In Chang's early performances, her body takes central position as both object and subject—a continuation of performance practices that were initiated in the 1960s and 70s by artists such as Marina Abramović, Hannah Wilke, VALIE EXPORT, and Eleanor Antin, who began using their bodies as sites for examining the (largely male) constructed notions of female identity that colluded with objectifying women. Chang's practice, however, moves beyond simply subverting the male gaze, using her body as a lens to explore the myriad of ways landscapes can produce, consume, expel, and express vulnerability and unpredictability.