On Extractivism, Ndidi Dike: Discomfort Zones (essay)


This monographic book gives an extensive overview of the artistic work of Ndidi Dike – one of Nigeria’s most dedicated and focused artists. Her works spans several decades and includes a variety of artistic methods: from her early paintings and wood sculptures and the engagement with the Nsukka school aesthetics to her recent large-scale installations. What brings these works together is her precise observation of society’s condition within complex contexts of inequality and political inadequacies. Ndidi Dike is concerned with the material manifestations of these global challenges and gives them a shape – leading into zones of discomfort and reminding us of our complicities. This book is the first-ever art monograph on a Nigerian woman professional artist living in Lagos and working on many continents.

With texts by Okechukwu C. Nwafor, Antawan I. Byrd, Jareh Das, Papa Omotayo, Femi Lijadu, Lena Naumann, Katharina Fink, Caline Chagouri, Smooth-Ugochukwi Nzewi and an interview with Jihan El-Tahri.